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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How Sew with Laminated Fabrics!

Have you ever wanted to sew something using laminated fabric but you were afraid it might be too difficult?  I was....I have tried many, but I have found those designed by Jennifer Paganelli  of Sis Boom to be easy and comfortably soft.

I became friends with Jennifer on Twitter! and she graciously sent me some of her wonderful line called "Honey Child".... I was hooked!

I am going to share some tips that I found helpful.....

  •   Use Size 12 or 14, sharp needles. A smaller needle makes a smaller puncture hole. 
  •   Presser Foot  :A Walking foot or Teflon coated presser foot will prevent the presser foot sticking when sewing on the laminated side. This is especially helpful when topstitching. A roller presser foot may also be used.
  •   Use a longer stitch length (2.5mm or more) for seaming and topstitching. Shorter stitch lengths can have the affect of perforating the fabric.
  •   Holes may remain in fabric, so place pins in seam allowances or I like to use clothes pins


Perfect beach, diaper or craft bag....You don't have to worry if it gets wet!

This can be found in my Etsy shop

Now what can I make with this new selection Jennifer sent me????

Be sure to check out her blog....