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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thanks for stopping in....I hope you enjoy!
I plan to update each week with new items I have made, sneak peek at new projects and throw in a contest now and then....

Here are some of my newest.....
                                                                    Tweet Tote
                                                                  Bird on a Branch
                                                               Leaves in Black and White

I fell in love with this new fabric collection Barcelona in Pink by Alexander Henry.....
                                                                  Stay tuned!
                                                             Have a great day!


  1. I love your new purses, great fabric with the birds! I love Alexander Henry fabrics. Good luck with your blog. Add a way for subscribers to get your updates by email.

  2. Thanks so much Susan my dear tweeter friend

  3. ah I so like the leaves in black and white !! Nice work Sue !!

  4. Beautiful!! I love the colors on your blog.. just like your fabrics... so wonderful and cheery :)

  5. The bags are so cute. And I love the colors in your new material. If you decide to feature someone, I'd be interested.

  6. Nice I love your material choices and colors and I know from experience the workmanship is excellent ;~D

  7. Thanks again glad you like your bag

  8. Hi Sue!! I love your new blog and I'm now following you. Maybe I'll take a lesson from you and update my blog once in a while! LOL Great job!

  9. Hello, Sweet Sue-Sue!

    I found your blog! Yay! I love it! Can't wait to see all your great bags and updates!


  10. thanks so much Mother of Twenty daughters

  11. Looking forward to seeing more updates and sneak previews to your future inventory!