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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Thank You For Being A Friend......"

About one year ago I joined a group on Facebook....

This awesome networking group was started by Linda Kelly Lee who is a wonderful lady and friend!  I have learned so much from her and the many others in the group that I just had to do something to thank them....So I decided to share some of them with you....

Please take a look at some of the wonderful items from my friends.....

I will begin with Linda Kelly Lee...Linda has a site with so many wonderful DIY Projects, Recipes, Coupons and Amazing Information....

Ronni Boyers
Secret Garden Gems
She has a beautiful blend of traditional and modern jewelry.
Here is a pair of her Topaz earrings
                                                         Jodie Smith
         Jodie has a wide selection of water fountains, fire pits and garden decor
                                   This would be perfect in the garden....

Carol Schick
Find Me

Class with a touch of sass!
Here is one of her beautiful creations

 Brian J Wood
Brian has sold on line for many years and encourages seller friends via social media.

You will flip over his information!

MCatherine Lundsford
Discover the magic of Love Notes Ruby Red Glass Heart found on Etsy at....

So go and Hideaheart!

Anita Fitzjarrald
Anita designs beaded jewelry and her wonderful items can be found on is a sample of lovely turquoise.....

Beautiful for spring and summer!

Sarah Wood
Wood Arts Universe
Sarah has an awesome collection of corporate gifts and promotional products...

She has so many wonderful office items...check her out!

Shelly Gannon
Shelly has her items on ecrator

This would be so fun at a baby shower...a party favor scratch-off!

Eves R US
Eves R US has a great spot on many wonderful items

These would make a wonderful gift for Mother's day!

 Bonni Jacobs Hessler
Bonni is an independent consultant  fo USBORNE Books &More

What a wonderful way to spend time with your child....
Here is her all about it....

Michelle Missal
Michelle has a sweet shop on Etsy  Mimissal

 These teal petals would be great for a wedding...she also sells hair accessories and other unique items

Linda Holmes
Linda sells her items on Your Business Center Resource Online

 Be sure to check out some of her other items!

It has been so much fun  to share my friends with you! I hope you will stop by and check out their posts...

Have a super duper day!


You will precious stones


  1. what a great tribute to the group!

  2. Thanks Lynn...I have a great time doing it

  3. Thoughtful of you to give the exposure to the ladies in the group Sue. Carol

  4. What a great tribute. A sweet and wonderful gesture. Promoting others is a very good indicator of your character. And yours is the best. Thank you so much,

  5. It's a great group and great to help others out :)

  6. Thanks a lot for giving us this wonderful opportunity and put your time into making this.
    I am pleased to be Friends with you and all the wonderful people who are also here.

  7. Thanks Sue! I am very pleased to know you and the other people in the group!

  8. Oh Sue! I❤U!!! This a wonderful testimony of how online friendships develop. If it wasn't for Linda Lee, we would have never met one another and that would have been so unfortunate. Also, your post is a perfect example of great cross-promotion. I'll link your post back to the comment you left on the HAH blog too! Hugs Galore!

  9. Thanks are all very special to me and I enjoyed the process very much

  10. "Most Awesomest" group (ok... I made that word up but you know what I mean) LOL

  11. What a great tribute Sue!!!! You rock :)