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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How To Grow Your Business

So you are thinking of starting a business, or maybe you already have and you are wondering how to drive more customers to your site....
Having your own business can be rewarding...but it takes hard work and you need to be consistent and patient...

 I have put together some helpful ways that I have found to boost my business....

Here goes...

1.  Social of the best ways to network, share and drive customers to your site, but you need to network with other members not just spam your items

     Facebook has many groups that you can join here are some that I just love...   

     Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ are also great options to get your brand out there.

2.  Etsy Teams
     If you sell on Etsy, which I love by the way! there are many teams available wether you are looking for advice or a free way to promote....
     A few I love...and they have an open membership



3. Art fairs and Bazaars...
    Yes, I know they can be costly and overwhelming....but give it a try, start small maybe a church will be surprised what you will learn from your customers.....You will also get feedback on your products and customer interests....
Be sure to have plenty of business cards....yes these will help your customers find you for future orders!
   I have had many orders from customers that found me through a business card
   I love the suggestions customers give ...this year I have had many requests for golf themed I developed this bag....

Checkbook covers....another popular request.....

Numerous requests for a larger wristlet to accommodate the new larger smart phones

These will be coming soon to my Etsy Shop...stay tuned!

4.  Blog....Great way to share new items, ideas, giveaways and tutorials

I hope you found my suggestions helpful...and will give them a try...Wishing you success with your venue....

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  2. Great advice and tips Sue..I see a group or two I may join that I did not know about..thank you so much...I deleted previous comment ..made writing errors that I couldn't correct...thanks so much...

  3. Thanks for posting this Sue. I think getting encouraged by your online seller friends is the key to being successful at running a small home-based business in 2013. I think encouragement in social commerce is all about attempting to motivate others to succeed at what they are doing, helping folks to overcome common obstacles that block their path along the way and, probably most importantly, offering up the big-picture idea that someone else is online with them who is trying to be encouraging the best he can. Doing stuff online in social commerce like those things above "encourages" me.

  4. Great article and wonderful references!

  5. Good and interesting post, thank you. Linda.

  6. Great article, thanks for the links will be checking them out.